We deal with all aspects of costs, providing the following core services:-

  • Bills of Costs (including electronic bills; and 3 & 6 column paper bills)
  • Precedent H Costs Budgets
  • Precedent R Budget Discussion Reports
  • Points of Dispute
  • Points of Reply
  • Costs Management Hearings / CCMCs
  • Costs Estimates
  • N260 Statements of Costs
  • Negotiations & detailed assessment proceedings
  • Costs advocacy & detailed assessment hearings
  • Solicitor & client costs/disputes
  • High Cost Case Plans
  • Advice & Consultancy



We can conduct your costs proceedings from start to finish, dealing with everything from preparing and serving your Bill of Costs through to settlement / provisional assessment / conducting the detailed assessment hearing on your behalf.

Our extensive experience and expertise in this area enables us to optimise recoveries and maximise the number of settled cases, improving cashflow and turnover for clients; and our fees are almost always recovered in full from the paying party, often with a profit element for clients.


We are able to provide specialist advice in all areas of costs, including such matters as funding arrangements, costs recovery and all aspects of the rapidly evolving world of costs law.

We are often able to offer ad hoc advice at no charge, as part of our ongoing commitment to client care.

We routinely provide ad hoc advice at no charge, as part of our ongoing commitment to client care


  • Bill preparation is charged either on a percentage basis (which tends to produce lower fees and has the advantage that the fee is always proportionate), or on an hourly rate basis if that is preferred. Either way, bill preparation fees are usually recoverable as part of the assessed costs – often including a profit margin for clients.
  • Work chargeable on a time basis, including the preparation of Points of Reply, Budget Discussions Reports, negotiations and advocacy, is charged at the prevailing guideline rate appropriate to the class of work and the level of expertise required, with Costs Budgets being capped to the rates prescribed by the CPR.
  • We provide competitive turnaround times and are able to prioritise cases in order to meet urgent deadlines.
  • We offer a free overnight courier service for the collection and return of files, or papers may be sent by DX.
  • Terms are negotiable and we are always happy to discuss arrangements with clients.